Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume ten.

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume ten.
Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume ten.

London: Zoological Society of London, 1879. Quarto, 95 handcoloured and uncoloured lithographic plates, some double page. Restored green half morocco, new endpapers, a few light spots and a single small library stamp, otherwise a very good copy.

The papers are:

1. Mivart, George. On the axial skeleton of the Struthionida. pp. 1-52 plates, no plates but text illustrations.

2. Busk, George. On the ancient or Quaternary fauna of Gibraltar, as exemplified in the mammalian remains of the Ossiferous Breccia. pp. 53-136 plates 1-27.

3. Garrod, A. H. Notes on the Manatee (Manatus americanus) recently living in the Society's gardens. pp. 137-146, plates 28-30.

4. Owen, Richard. On Dinornis (part 21): containing a restoration of the skeleton of Dinornis maximus, Owen. With an appendix, on additional evidence of the Genus Dromornis in Australia. pp.146-188, plates 31-33.

5. Parker, W. K. On the structure and development of the skull in sharks and skates. pp. 189-234, plates 34-42.

6. Duncan, P. Martin. A description of the Madreporaria dredged up during the Expedition of H.M.S. `Porcupine' in 1869 and 1870, part two. pp. 235-250, plates 43-45.

7. Parker, W. K. On the skull of the Aegithognathous birds, part two. pp. 251-314, plates 46-54.

8.Mivart, St. George. On the Axial Skeleton of the Pelecanidae. pp. 315-378, plates 55-61.

9. Brady, George Stewardson. A Monograph of the Ostracoda of the Antwerp Crag. pp. 379-410, plates 62-69.

10. Garrod, A. H. On the brain of the Sumatran Rhinoceros (Ceratorhinus sumatrensis). pp. 411-414, plate 70.

11. Flower, William Henry. A further Contribution to the Knowledge of the existing Ziphioid Wales. Genus Mesoplodon. pp. 415-438, plates 71-73.

12. Mivart, George. Notes on the fins of Elasmobranchs, with considerations on the nature and homologues of vertebrate limbs. pp. 439-484, plates 74-79.

13. Geddes, Patrick. On the mechanism of the odontophore in certain Mollusca. pp. 485-492, plates 80-82.

14. Lankester, E. Ray. On the hearts of Ceratodus, Protopterus, and Chimaera, with an account of undescribed pocket valves in the conus arteriosus of Ceratodus and of Protopterus. pp. 493-506, plates 83-84.

15. Westwood, J. O. Observations on the Uraniidae, a Family of Lepidopterous insects, with a synopsis of the family and a monograph of Coronidia, one of the Genera of which it is composed. pp. 507-542, plates 85-88 (handcoloured).

16. Sclater, P. L. Supplementary Notes on the Curassows now or lately living in the Society's Gardens. pp. 543-546, plates 89-95 (handcoloured).

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