Riddle of the feathered dragons: hidden birds of China.

Riddle of the feathered dragons: hidden birds of China. Alan Feduccia.

New Haven: Yale University Press, [2014.]. Octavo, paperback, black and white photographs, illustrations, line drawings.

After examining and interpreting recent fossil discoveries in China, paleontologists now believe there is incontrovertible evidence that birds represent the last living dinosaur. In this book, evolutionary biologist Alan Feduccia discusses whether this conclusion is beyond dispute. He provides the most comprehensive discussion yet of the avian and associated evidence found in China, then exposes the massive, unfounded speculation that has accompanied these discoveries and been published in the pages of prestigious scientific journals. Feduccia believes that advocates of the current orthodoxy on bird origins have ignored contrary data, misinterpreted fossils, and used faulty reasoning. He considers why and how the debate has become so polemical and makes a plea to refocus the discussion by 'breaking away from methodological straitjackets and viewing the world of origins anew'. Drawing on a lifetime of study, he offers his own current understanding of the origin of birds and avian flight. Also available in hardcover [stock id 33402].

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