Australian freshwater ecology: processes and management.

Australian freshwater ecology: processes and management. Andrew Boulton.
Australian freshwater ecology: processes and management.

New York: John Wiley and Sons, (2014. second edition]. Octavo, laminated boards, black and white photographs, illustrations, maps, diagrams.

As pressures on Australia's inland waters intensify due to population growth, expanding resource development and climate change, there is an urgent need to manage and protect these areas. Understanding their ecology underpins their wise management and conservation. This book vividly describes the physical, chemical and biological features of wetlands, lakes, streams, rivers and groundwaters in Australia. It presents the principles of aquatic ecology linked to practical management and conservation, and explains the causes, mechanisms, effects and management of serious environmental problems such as altered water regimes, eutrophication, salinization, acidification and sedimentation of inland waters. With contributions from a diverse, highly qualified team of aquatic ecologists this is a valuable reference for consultants, restoration ecologists, water resource managers, science teachers, and other professionals with an interest in the ecology of surface and groundwaters.

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