Art and architecture of insects.

Art and architecture of insects. David M. Phillips.
Art and architecture of insects.

Lebanon, NH: University Press of New England, 2014. Octavo, paperback, black and white photographs.

A photographic tribute to the microscopic insects that share our gardens, floorboards, and bedsheets. Clad in spiked and scaled armor, lance-like pincers at the ready, Phillips explores the hidden beauty of insect anatomy. Drawing on his life-long love of insect biology and microscopy Phillips has produced a mesmerizing look into the hidden world of the insect form. The 150 photographs in this book, all taken using an electron microscope, reveal an amazing variety of anatomical structures normally invisible to the human eye: a wax surface that prevents evaporation, antennae that sense molecules that are undetectable by other animals, and feet that allow insects to walk upside down on almost any surface. Organized with the nonscientific reader in mind, Art and Architecture of Insects explores the intricate structures of some of our planet's most fascinating residents. This book's stunning photography and entertaining facts will fill readers with a sense of wonder at the unseen universe that surrounds them. Whether young or old, jaded insect-lover or new to the awe-inspiring strangeness of insect exoskeletons, one thing is certain: You will never look at insects in the same way again.

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