RSPB spotlight: Otters.

RSPB spotlight: Otters. Nicola Chester.
RSPB spotlight: Otters.

London: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2014. Octavo, paperback, photographs, illustrations.

This book by Nicola Chester is an accessible and lively account of an intriguing and much-loved animal that, surprisingly, is still endangered and rarely seen despite a recent resurgence that has seen it expand from the remote British countryside and into cities. Nicola's charming, informed text brings this elusive and exciting mammal into sharper focus revealing what an otter is, and how they live, feed, play and breed. Nicola reflects on how otters exist in our imaginations culturally and how that has changed over the years. She also examines the many challenges otters have faced, exposing what brought them to the brink of extinction, and explores the challenges we face in trying to find and watch otters in the wild. Each Spotlight title is carefully designed to introduce readers to the lives and behaviour of Britain's favourite birds and mammals.

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