The extreme life of the sea.

The extreme life of the sea. Stephen R. Palumbi, Anthony R. Palumbi.
The extreme life of the sea.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2014. Octavo, dustwrapper, photographs, line drawings.

This book takes readers to the absolute limits of the marine environment. It dives into the icy Arctic and boiling hydrothermal vents and dips into the eternal darkness of the deepest undersea trenches to show how marine life thrives against the odds. This thrilling book brings to life the sea's most extreme species, and reveals how they succeed across the wide expanse of the world's global ocean. An engaging and accessible style gives every reader a deep look at the lives of these species. The book shows you the world's oldest living species, and describes how flying fish strain to escape their predators, how predatory deep-sea fish use red searchlights only they can see to find and attack food, and how, at the end of their lives, mother octopus dedicate themselves to raising their young. This wide-ranging and highly accessible book also discusses how ocean adaptations can inspire innovative commercial products - such as fan blades modelled on the flippers of humpback whales - and how climate change and overfishing could pose the greatest threats yet to our planet's tenacious marine life.

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