Southern light: images from Antarctica.

Southern light: images from Antarctica. David Neilson.
Southern light: images from Antarctica.

Emerald: Snowgum Press, 2012. Quarto, colour photographs. Fine copy in dustwrapper.

This collection of outstanding landscape and wildlife photographs of Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic is the result of six journeys made to these southern lands by David Neilson. This Australian photographer has been the recipient of two Antarctic Arts Fellowships from the Australian Antarctic Division and has travelled to Antarctica on a yacht on three occasions. The areas covered in the book include the Antarctic Peninsula, East Antarctica, the Ross Sea, South Georgia and Macquarie Island. There are 130 colour photographs, 100 black and white images reproduced in duotone and seven gatefold panoramas. These images reveal a part of the grandeur and mystery of this great southern realm. Many of the landscape photos were taken with a large format view camera. There is extensive coverage of the wildlife including Emperor, King, Adelie, Gentoo, Chinstrap, Royal and Macaroni penguins, Wandering, Royal and Grey-headed albatross, and crabeater and fur seals. There are also photographs of human activity in Antarctica including images of Robert Scott's Terra Nova hut on Ross Island. The 20,000-word text includes a narrative of the six photographic journeys and short essays on climate change and protecting the Antarctic environment. Five detailed maps provide a geographic context for the photographs.

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