Whale-watching: sustainable tourism and ecological management.

Stock ID 36245 Whale-watching: sustainable tourism and ecological management. James Higham, Lars Bejder, Rob Williams.
Whale-watching: sustainable tourism and ecological management.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. Octavo, laminated boards, photographs, maps.

Whale-watching has been portrayed by destinations and business operators, and advocated by environmental groups, as a sustainable activity and a humane alternative to whaling. In recent years however, the sustainability of these activities has increasingly been questioned, as research shows that repeated disturbance by boat traffic can severely disrupt critical behaviours of cetaceans in the wild. Bringing together contributions by international experts, this book addresses complex issues associated with commercial whale-watching, sustainable development and conservation of the global marine environment. It highlights widely expressed concerns for the failure of policy, planning and management and pinpoints both long-standing and emerging barriers to sustainable practice. Featuring numerous case studies, the book provides critical insights into the diverse socio-cultural, political, economic and ecological contexts of this global industry, highlighting the challenges and opportunities that arise along the pathways to sustainability.

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