Tui: a nest in the bush.

Tui: a nest in the bush. Meg Lipscombe.
Tui: a nest in the bush.

Nelson: Craig Potton Publishing, 2013. Octavo, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

This book is an intimate and rare look at the beginning of a Tui's life. It is presented as a series of photographs showing the 37-day development of a pair of Tui from eggs to fledglings. One spring morning in 2011 Meg noticed a tui disappear into a Pseudopanax bush with a twig in its mouth, and discovered that the nest, while well hidden from below, could be seen from her balcony. The growth and development of Tui chicks has never been photographed in this way before, and this fascinating account will be of great interest not only to those with a particular interest in ornithology, but to everyone who enjoys the native bird life in their gardens.

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