Common mosses of the northeast and Appalachians.

Common mosses of the northeast and Appalachians. Karl B. McKnight.
Common mosses of the northeast and Appalachians.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2013. Octavo, paperback, limp plastic, colour photographs, line drawings.

Helps with recognition of 200 common mosses of the North American Northeast and the Appalachian Mountains. With just this field guide, a hand lens, and a spray bottle, readers will be able to identify and name many of the common species of mosses growing in the region's backyards, parks, forests, wetlands, and mountains. At the heart of this guide is an innovative, colour-tabbed system that helps readers pick out small groups of similar species. Illustrated identification keys, colourful habitat and leaf photos, more than 600 detailed line drawings, and written descriptions help differentiate the species. This accessible book allows all nature enthusiasts to make accurate identifications and gain access to the enchanting world of mosses.

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