Designing wildlife habitats.

Designing wildlife habitats. John Beardsley.
Designing wildlife habitats.

Washington DC: Dumbarton Oaks Trustees, 2013. Quarto, paperback, colour photographs, illustrations, line drawings, maps.

The vision of a garden shared peacefully by humans and animals is a familiar but elusive idea. Whether threatened by habitat destruction or climate change, displaced by urbanization or invasive species, poisoned by industrial toxins, or hunted to extinction, many wild animals have failed to thrive in the company of people. This book explores the role landscape architects and garden designers can have in conserving or restoring wildlife diversity. A range of essays by designers, scientists, and historians explore how they might better collaborate to promote zoological biodiversity and how scientific ambitions might be expressed in culturally significant and historically informed design. Established conservation practices within ecology have begun to shape landscape architecture, and current initiatives in ecosystem services, restoration ecology, and designer-generated ecological experiments provide an enlarged role for landscape architects in the creation of productive habitats. Design has become increasingly instrumental to both the appearance and the ecological function of landscapes.

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