Geckos: the animal answer guide.

Geckos: the animal answer guide. Aaron M. Bauer.
Geckos: the animal answer guide.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs, black and white illustrations.

Discover the biology, natural history, and diversity of geckos as lizard biologist and gecko expert Aaron Bauer answers deceptively simple questions with surprising and little-known facts. Readers can explore colour photographs that reveal the natural wonder and beauty of the gecko form and are further informed by images of how geckos live in their natural habitats. Although written for nonexperts, this book also provides a carefully selected bibliography and a new list of all known species that will be of interest to herpetologists. Anyone who owns a gecko, has seen them in the wild, or has wondered about them will appreciate this gem of a book. Also available in hardcover [stock id 35424].

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