The coast: a journey along Australia's eastern shores.

Stock ID 35261 The coast: a journey along Australia's eastern shores. Chris Hammer.

Carlton South: Melbourne University Press, 2012. Octavo, black and white photographs, map. Good copy in paperback.

The coast and its people help define our identity. Most Australians live in suburbia, but our hearts are elsewhere. This book is a celebration of the Australian seascape, from its natural grandeur to the quirky individualism of those who live beside it. It is also the heartfelt and pertinent story of the issues facing our coast today and the resilience of communities at a turning point. Chris Hammer travels the length of the east coast of Australia on a journey of discovery and reflection, from the Torres Strait to Tasmania; from an island whose beach has been lost forever to the humbling optimism of the survivors of Cyclone Yasi.

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Stock ID: 35261


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