Frogs and reptiles of the Sydney region.

Frogs and reptiles of the Sydney region. Ken Griffiths.
Frogs and reptiles of the Sydney region.

Frenchs Forest: New Holland Publishers, (2012. second edition, revised). Octavo, paperback and CD, colour photographs, maps, audio CD.

Stretching from Newcastle in the North to Batemans Bay in the South, and West through the Blue Mountains, the Sydney region is home to a vast array of frogs and reptiles. This book covers 130 species found in the region from the Blue-tongue lizard, turtles and frogs to diamond pythons and skinks. To aid in identification, each entry has a colour photograph together with a description of the colour and features of each animal, where it lives and what it eats, how it reproduces, its current conservation status for the Sydney region and whether it is an endangered species. Details and photographs of the most common habitats of the Sydney region are given at the front of the book, together with information about threatened species, how to keep frogs and reptiles as pets, what licenses you need, and how best to observe frogs and reptiles in the wild. Treatment for snake bites is given at the back of the book. To further help with identification of frogs, a CD of the calls of Sydney region frogs is included with the book.

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