The Princeton guide to ecology.

The Princeton guide to ecology. Simon A. Levin.
The Princeton guide to ecology.

Princeton: Princeton University Press, 2012. Quarto, paperback, photographs and illustrations, line drawings.

A concise, authoritative one-volume reference to the field's major subjects and key concepts. With contributions from an international team of leading ecologists, the book contains more than ninety clear, accurate, and up-to-date articles on the most important topics within seven major areas: autecology, population ecology, communities and ecosystems, landscapes and the biosphere, conservation biology, ecosystem services, and biosphere management. Complete with more than 200 illustrations (including sixteen pages in color), a glossary of key terms, a chronology of milestones in the field, suggestions for further reading on each topic, and an index, this is an essential volume for undergraduate and graduate students, research ecologists, scientists in related fields, policymakers, and anyone else with a serious interest in ecology. Also available in hardcover [stock id 29344].

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