Capybaras: a natural history of the world's largest rodent.

Capybaras: a natural history of the world's largest rodent. Rexford D. Lord.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2009. Octavo, dustwrapper, photographs. line drawings, maps.

The largest rodents in the world, Capybaras reach the size of a small pig and weigh upward of 100 pounds at maturity. This book details all aspects of their anatomy, ecology, behavior, biology, conservation, management, and taxonomy. Capybaras range throughout South America playing a vital role in the ecosystems of natural grasslands, wetlands, and gallery forests. Lord draws on both literature and personal experience in their habitats both north and south of the Amazon region to provide detailed descriptions of capybaras' known history; the diseases, parasites, and hazards they face; and their population and behavioral characteristics. He discusses how they interact with predators and other animals and explains their long-running and growing commercial importance to humankind-including key information about their current value and future potential as an ecotourism attraction. Featuring dozens of photographs, comprehensive tables illustrating key traits and population information, and practical explanations of current ranch management methodology, this volume is the most extensive reference work on capybaras that has ever been produced.

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