Shark: a visual history.

Stock ID 34596 Shark: a visual history. Richard Ellis.
Shark: a visual history.

Connecticut: Lyons Press, 2012. Quarto, photographs, softcover.

In this book Richard Ellis sets about chronicling and debunking the myths of sharks throughout history. From 18th century art to the phenomena of Jaws, the shark has remained the indomitable aggressor of the deep, the last demon of humankind. The image of the shark and the fear it inspires infiltrates our daily lives with its mythical power and strength. But it is not man who should fear the shark. Our need to dominate these predators is destroying them and their habitat. Through hundreds of full-color images Ellis proves the necessity of preserving these majestic creatures. As curator of the Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art's exhibition entitled "Shark," debuting May 2012, Ellis adeptly turns these sleek, efficient hunters from monsters of the deep into rare, beautiful forces of nature.

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