Photographing trees.

Photographing trees. Edward Parker.

Kew: Royal Botanic Gardens, 2012. Quarto, paperback, colour photographs.

This new book by renowned wildlife photographer Edward Parker is suitable for all photographers regardless of equipment and experience. This inspiring yet simple guide shows you how to get the very best from your camera whether it is a point-and-shoot compact or a top of the range DSLR. With examples from around the world, Parker reveals the skills and techniques needed to improve your photographs with little or no adjustments to the automatic settings or those which you are comfortable using. The skills of photography are largely transferable so the techniques highlighted in this book will have a broad interest, with trees acting as a vehicle for learning how to take much better photographs. The first section of the book explains how the brain perceives an image and how to use this understanding to produce great photographs through better composition, better use of light and conscious use of foreground and background. For the more advanced photographers, Parker explains techniques on how to take control of the camera though understanding aperture, shutter speed, exposure, using flash, and using a tripod. A further section details more advanced techniques such as macro, fill flash and night photography.

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