Parrots: the animal answer guide.

Parrots: the animal answer guide. Matt Cameron.
Parrots: the animal answer guide.

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2012. Octavo, photographs, maps, paperback.

This guide provides detailed, factual answers to questions such as what parrots eat in the wild, why so many species live in the Amazon, how intelligent parrots are, and what is the world's rarest parrot? The beautiful plumage of parrots and the ability to mimic sounds are both a blessing and a curse. A number of species are in danger of extinction because they are captured and sold into the pet trade by unscrupulous dealers. Fortunately, most parrot owners rely on captive breeding, although an appalling amount of wild collection continues. In addition to discussing parrot behaviour and biology, Matt Cameron reveals the truth about the trade in wild parrots and explains what each of us can do to help save native populations.

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