Frog. Charlotte Sleigh.

London: Reaktion Books, 2012. Octavo, paperback, photographs and illustrations.

Reaktion Animal Series. From the metamorphosing fairytale Frog Prince and The Tale of Jeremy Fisher, to dissections in science class and television's Kermit, frogs are ever-present in our childhoods. Just what is it about this slimy creature that captures our imagination? While much attention has been paid to the scientific qualities of the frog, little has been said about the large role played by this slippery amphibian in art, literature and popular culture. Charlotte Sleigh's witty, readable Frog provides an entertaining and sometimes shocking account of this much-loved, and much-misunderstood animal. Sleigh provides answers to many questions, including why frogs have been so prominent in science throughout the years and just what place the frog holds in religion. The many faces of the frog are also explored, such as the devilish and comic; the sophisticated and chauvinist; the revolting and delicious. The author weaves the natural history of the frog together with their mythology in a way that has not been done before with many fine images of frogs from nature and culture.

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