Monkeys of the Tai Forest: an African primate community.

Stock ID 34315 Monkeys of the Tai Forest: an African primate community. W. Scott McGraw, Klaus Zuberbuhler, Ronald Noe.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2007. Octavo, laminated boards, photographs, maps, graphs, tables.

WAS $177. A great deal has been written about primates; however few volumes have focused on an entire community of sympatric monkeys at a single site. Drawing upon diverse sets of data, the authors provide a multi-thematic case study of the entire monkey community of the Tai forest (Ivory Coast). Much of the book explores how the seven monkey species have adapted to hunting pressures from chimpanzees, leopards, crowned eagles and humans. Other themes covered include feeding ecology, social behaviour, positional behaviour and habitat use, vocal communication and conservation. Colour photographs of all species are provided, showing the major behavioural characteristics of each, as little is known about these West African monkeys. This scientifically important volume will be of interest to a broad audience including primatologists, functional anatomists, psychologists, and behavioural ecologists.

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