Conservation of Mesoamerican amphibians and reptiles

Conservation of Mesoamerican amphibians and reptiles. Larry David Wilson, Josiah H., Townsend, Jerry D. Johnson.
Conservation of Mesoamerican amphibians and reptiles

Utah: Eagle Mountain Publishing, 2010. Quarto, colour photographs, maps, fine copy in dustwrapper.

Mesoamerica is one of the world's major biodiversity hotspots. The herpetofauna of this region consists of approximately 1,900 species, over half of which are endemic to specific countries. This title represents the most comprehensive compilation of conservation-related herpetological contributions ever assembled for Mesoamerica. This volume contains something for everyone with a serious interest in herpetology, conservation biology, zoo biology, or those involved with governmental policy structure regarding conservation and/or environmental problems. Perhaps more importantly, this book will serve as a source of inspiration for future research projects, especially for biologists and conservationists who seek to salvage as much of the spectacular diversity and endemicity of Mesoamerica as possible. A book for every serious herpetologist, conservationist, conservation organization, and zoological institution.

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