Terrestrial paleoecology and global change.

Stock ID 33764 Terrestrial paleoecology and global change. V. A. Krassilov.
Terrestrial paleoecology and global change.

Sofia: Pensoft, 2002. Octavo, colour photographs, laminated boards.

This text models ecosystem evolution integrating basic geologic, demographic, morphologic, genomic, and biotic interrelated changes. It presents ecosystem evolution as a sustainable oriented process with an increase in the biomass-to-dead mass ratio as a measure of progress. Palaeontology deciphers ecosystem evolution by estimating community complexity/diversity profiles. The concerted impact of geomagnetic, geochemical, climatic, and biological signatures determines geobiospheric crises starting from the earth's interior and culminating in the exterior crust, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere. Adaptive strategy is central in the evolutionary processes of origination and extinction, including genome evolution and the evolution of humans as the earth custodians.

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