Here on Earth: an argument for hope.

Here on Earth: an argument for hope. Tim Flannery.

Melbourne: Text Publishing, 2010. Octavo, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

A biography of our planet - an argument for hope. We stand at a crossroads, where comprehension of our place in nature - of our true abilities and of our history - is supremely important. We have formed a global civilisation of unprecedented might, driven forward by the power of our minds - a civilisation which is transforming our Earth. We are masters of technology, and of comprehension, but it's what we believe that may, from now on, determine our fate.

Tim Flannery, acclaimed and bestselling author of The weather makers, suggests that a deeper awareness of our evolutionary history is the key to the survival of our civilisation. Our population will continue to grow and already we must deal with increasingly urgent problems of climate, food, water and biodiversity. This book offers provocative and visionary solutions to these problems. Can we, in the thick of our crisis, find hope and understanding in a new relationship with the planet that is our home?
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