Techniques for pollination biologists.

Techniques for pollination biologists. Carol Ann Kearns, David William Inouye.

Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 1993. Octavo, paperback, text illustrations.

Techniques for Pollination Biologists incorporates all techniques published in the pollination literature as well as unpublished methods compiled from practicing pollination biologists. The bibliography includes 1,200 references from more than 200 journals, plus books and previously unpublished materials. Appendices list sources for all the equipment and chemicals needed.
This book presents the newest techniques such as fluorescence microscopy to examine pollen tubes, high-pressure liquid chromatography for nectar analysis, and using particle counters to count pollen grains and nuclear magnetic resonance for floral odor analysis. Basic techniques are described for labeling plants, manipulating flowers, marking or excluding, and designing simple but elegant experiments with small budgets. The book also examines potential pitfalls for pollination studies and offers cautionary advice about designing and implementing different types of pollination experiments.
Carol Kearns is assistant professor of biology at Wesleyan College. Her research interests are in the fields of plant mating systems and fly pollination. David W. Inouye is associate professor of zoology and botany at the University of Maryland. Dr. Inouye's curiosity is directed to studies of plant and insect ecology, pollination biology, and flowering phenology.

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