Evolution, development, and the predictable genome.

Evolution, development, and the predictable genome. David L. Stern.

Greenwood: Roberts & Company Publishers, 2010. Octavo, dustwrapper, line drawings, graphs.

How does development influence evolution? This book explores the idea that development and evolution interact to make genetic evolution predictable.
The early chapters review essential principles from developmental biology and population genetics to provide a foundation for understanding the causes of genetic evolution. The penultimate chapter presents a new way of viewing development - through pathworks - that clarifies the role of development in evolution. The last chapter explores the hypothesis that genetic evolution proceeds in different ways in different kinds of populations.

Genetic evolution appears to be somewhat predictable. This predictability emerges from the structure of developmental regulatory networks and from evolutionary processes that occur in populations. Evolution, Development, and the Predictable Genome is intended for students and for more advanced researchers who want to learn about the interaction of evolution and development. The book is written in straightforward prose with specialised terminology explained along the way.

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