Moth orchids: the complete guide to Phalaenopsis.

Moth orchids: the complete guide to Phalaenopsis. Steven A. Frowine.
Moth orchids: the complete guide to Phalaenopsis.

Portland: Timber Press, 2008. Quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

With their refined beauty and elegant flower form, Moth orchids (members of the genus Phalaenopsis) are often referred to as the basic black of the orchid world. In fact, moth orchids are the most popular orchids in the world, accounting for a staggering 75 percent of all orchid plant sales. More than merely beautiful, they are also among the easiest orchids to grow, whether in greenhouses, on windowsills, or under artificial lights, and the individual flowers can last for up to three months in pristine form. These appealing traits make Moth orchids the first choice of every orchid fancier, from rank beginners to dyed-in-the-wool fanatics. Most flower lovers are familiar with the elegant white, pink, and striped hybrids, but a revolution in phalaenopsis breeding has resulted in an entirely new, diverse, and wonderful array of flower colours and patterns previously unimaginable.

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