Saving the big Cats: The Exotic Feline Rescue Centre.

Saving the big Cats: The Exotic Feline Rescue Centre. Stephen D. McCloud.

Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2006. Oblong format, colour photographs, fine copy in dustwrapper.

Nestled in the woods near Center Point, Indiana, The Exotic Feline Rescue Center houses more than 160 big cats - ranging from lions, tigers, leopards, and pumas, to bobcats and more obscure breeds like the caracal, serval, ocelot, and lynx. But all of the cats at EFRC have one thing in common: they are predators that have suffered abuse and escaped extermination because of EFRC's efforts. Through astonishing images and compelling text, Stephen D. McCloud tells each cat's story. Meet Sinbad, Molly, Sierra, Montana, Tika, and others. Included with the photos in this book are background stories, anecdotes, and inside information on the personalities of feline residents at EFRC. Stephen D. McCloud heard about the Center in a casual conversation with a friend, and decided to take his camera and visit. In the last three years, McCloud and his camera have spent hundreds of hours at the Center. He has taken the time to get to know each of the cats: their likes, their dislikes, their quirks, and their stories. The affection he has for them is clearly reflected in his photographs. It's an incredible collection, and choosing only 100 or so for the book proved a daunting task.

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