Dangerous marine animals.

Dangerous marine animals. Matthias Bergbauer, Robert F. Myers, Manuela Kirschner.
Dangerous marine animals.

London: A & C Black, 2010. Octavo, paperback with plastic cover, colour photographs, maps.

This guide to the marine environment covers all forms of sealife. It describes colenterates, molluscs, crustacea, urochordates, fish, reptiles, seabirds, cetaceans and sea mammals. The book opens with a section on oceanography and marine biology which explains the complex and fascinating processes that created the oceans as we know them today. Part I covers the invertebrates. As they are a diverse group, typical regional invertebrate habitats are described which give an insight into the complex niches and relationships that exist. Part II covers the vertebrates. It opens with 48 plates illustrating the majority of species likely to be encountered on the oceans. In the fish plates, some species are illustrated for the first time. The seabirds, cetaceans, sea reptiles and sea mammals are also comprehensively illustrated. The plate section is followed by a systematic section on each group. The book should prove useful to the seafarer, and provide information to anyone interested in the marine environment.

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