Conservation and the genetics of populations.

Conservation and the genetics of populations. Fred W. Allendorf, Gordon Luikart.
Conservation and the genetics of populations.

London: Blackwell, 2006. Quarto, paperback, illustrations.

This book gives a comprehensive overview of the essential background, concepts, and tools needed to understand how genetic information can be used to develop conservation plans for species threatened with extinction. This work provides a thorough understanding of the genetic basis of biological problems in conservation, and uses a balance of data and theory, and basic and applied research, with examples taken from both the animal and plant kingdoms. It also features an associated website that contains example data sets and software programs to illustrate population genetic processes and methods of data analysis.In this work discussion questions and problems are included at the end of each chapter to aid understanding. It features Guest Boxes written by leading people in the field including James F. Crow, Nancy Fitz Simmons, Robert C. Lacy, Michael W. Nachman, Michael E. Soule, Andrea Taylor, Loren H. Rieseberg, R.C. Vrijenhoek, Lisette Waits, Robin S. Waples and Andrew Young.

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