Restoring wildlife: ecological concepts and practical applications.

Restoring wildlife: ecological concepts and practical applications. Michael L. Morrison.

Washington DC: Island Press, (2009. second edition). Octavo, paperback, BRAND NEW.

Restoration plans must take into account the needs of current or desired wildlife species in project areas. This book gives ecologists, restorationists, administrators, and other professionals involved with restoration projects the tools they need to understand essential ecological concepts, helping them to design restoration projects that can improve conditions for native species of wildlife. It also offers specific guidance and examples on how various projects have been designed and implemented. The book interweaves theoretical and practical aspects of wildlife biology that are directly applicable to the restoration and conservation of animals. It provides an understanding of the fundamentals of wildlife populations and wildlife-habitat relationships as it explores the concept of habitat, its historic development, components, spatialtemporal relationships, and role in land management. It applies these concepts in developing practical tools for professionals.

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