Ecology and conservation of Australian Bell frogs.

Ecology and conservation of Australian Bell frogs. R. Goldingay, W. Osborne.

Mosman: Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales, 2009. Quarto, colour photographs, other illustrations, paperback.

Special edition, Australian Zoologist volume 34, number 3. The Green and Golden bell frog was once common around Sydney, however it disappeared precipitously from much of its former range in just two decades. In 1995, the plight of this species was highlighted in a symposium which brought together biologists and community members with a concern for the conservation of these species. Ten years on, another symposium was convened to consider what had been achieved in the interim toward conserving this species. Southern bell frogs were also included in the symposium because of their threatened status at the national level. This special edition stems from the 2006 symposium.

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