Evolution. Nicholas H. Barton.

New York: Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2007. Quarto, laminated boards, colour photographs, colour illustrations, maps.

A book on evolutionary biology that integrates molecular biology, genomics, and human genetics with traditional studies of evolutionary processes.

Aim and Scope of the Book I INTRODUCTION 1 The History of Evolutionary Thinking 2 The Origin of Molecular Biology 3 The Evidence for Evolution II ORIGIN AND DIVERSIFICATION OF LIFE 4 The Origin of Life 5 The Last Universal Common Ancestor and the Tree of Life 6 Diversification of Bacteria and Archaea. I: Phylogeny and Biology 7 Diversification of Bacteria and Archaea. II: Genetics and Genomics 8 Origin and Early Evolution of Eukaryotes 9 Diversification of Plants and Animals 10 Multicellularity and the Evolution of Body Plans 11 Evolution of Developmental Programs III EVOLUTIONARY PROCESSES 12 Generation of Variation by Mutation and Recombination 13 Variation in DNA and Proteins 14 Variation in Genetically Complex Traits 15 Random Drift 16 Population Structure 17 Selection on Variation 18 The Interaction between Selection and Other Forces 19 Measuring Selection 20 Phenotypic Evolution 21 Conflict and Cooperation 22 Species and Speciation 23 Evolution of Genetic Systems 24 Evolution of Novelty IV HUMAN EVOLUTION 25 Human Evolutionary History 26 Population and Medical Genetics 27 Controversies and Speculations in Human Evolution V METHODS AND TOOLS 28 Phylogenetic Reconstruction 29 Models of Evolution Photo Credits Index.

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