Wildflowers of southern Western Australia.

Wildflowers of southern Western Australia. Margaret G. Corrick, Bruce A. Fuhrer.
Wildflowers of southern Western Australia.

Dural: Rosenberg Publishing, (2009. third edition, revised). Large octavo, paperback, colour photographs, maps.

This field guide features photographs and brief descriptions of 755 species found in the popular southern region of Western Australia. Each species is cross-referenced to simple maps for quick and easy reference to localities. This third edition has been thoroughly revised and updated. The introduction by Alex George gives a descriptive overview of the main vegetation regions of the state. Compiled by distinguished professionals in the field of botany, in conjunction with Monash University. The majority of species illustrated were found on roadsides, many in National Parks and reserves, accessible by conventional vehicle. Wherever possible technical botanical terms have been avoided except where precision or brevity necessitate their use; a glossary is provided to cover these terms.

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