Animals of arid Australia: out on their own?

Stock ID 29163 Animals of arid Australia: out on their own? Chris Dickman, Daniel Lunney, Shelley Burgin.
Animals of arid Australia: out on their own?

Sydney: Royal Zoological of NSW, 2007. Quarto, paperback, photographs, maps, other illustrations.

WAS $75. Transactions of the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales. This book records an RZS forum that discussed whether the animals of arid Australia are 'out on their own' in terms of their unique adaptations for desert life, our distant view of them, and their prospects for the future. The arid zone of Australia is simply too large, too diverse and covered by too many jurisdictions to be encompassed by a single view. It was therefore appropriate that the forum drew together a wide range of skills and outlooks on the history, fauna and management of the arid lands of Australia. As editors, we were dazzled by wonderful photos in scientific presentations. We are delighted to be able to show the arid zone, and the animals in particular, in all their gorgeous colours, as well as to present images of how work is carried out by various researchers. All of this visual material contributes to our grasp of this vast stretch of Australia that is the home to so few Australians. We look forward to a blooming of interest in arid Australia, its diverse fauna and its diverse players.

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