Agroforestry for natural resource management.

Agroforestry for natural resource management. Ian Nuberg.

Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing, 2009. Quarto, paperback and CD-ROM, black and white photographs, line drawings.

In its early days, agroforestry may have been viewed as the domain of the 'landcare enthusiast'. Today, integrating trees and shrubs into productive farming systems is seen as a core principle of sustainable agriculture. Agroforestry for Natural Resource Management provides the foundation for an understanding of agroforestry practice in both high and low rainfall zones across Australia.

Three major areas are discussed: environmental functions of trees in the landscape (ecosystem mimicry, hydrology, protection of crops, animals and soil, biodiversity, aesthetics); productive functions of trees (timber, firewood, pulp, fodder, integrated multi-products); and the implementation of agroforestry (design, evaluation, establishment, adoption, policy support).

The book also includes a DVD that features videos on forest measurement and harvesting, a Farm Forestry Toolbox and many regionally specific agroforestry resources.

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