Cycads of Vietnam.

Cycads of Vietnam. Roy Osborne.

Brisbane: Author, 2007. Quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs, maps.

Vietnam's cycads, many of which have been named only in the last 10-15 years, occupy a variety of specialised habitats. Some are obligate beach-dwellers, some live only in the northern mountains, some occur on small offshore islands, while some grow in tiny crevices on near-vertical limestone cliffs. Many are found in areas of spectacular natural beauty. Vietnam's cycads are as diverse in their morphology as they are in their habitats. Some have tree-like form reaching 12 metres in height while others are bonsai-like dwarfs. Some have strange swollen 'elephant's foot' trunks. Some have pinnate leaves reaching 4.5 m in length while others have multiple leaf bifurcations. This book describes each of the 27 species in detail with line drawings, maps and numerous photographs.

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