Tabin: Sabah's greatest wildlife sanctuary.

Tabin: Sabah's greatest wildlife sanctuary. Wendy Hutton.

Sabah: Tabin Wildlife Resort, 2008. Octavo, paperback, colour photographs.

The largest protected wildlife area in Sabah, Tabin Wildlife Reserve is home to an exceptional array of Borneo's rare and endangered species. The Sumatran or Pygmy Rhinoceros, the Bornean Pygmy elephant, Sabah's iconic Orangutan, the pot-bellied Proboscis Monkey and countless other mammals are protected here. Thanks to it mineral-rich mud volcanoes, Tabin not only sustains a wide range of mammals but has a fascinating population of birds, while the rainforest teems with insects, frogs and other life. With its beautiful rivers and streams, magnificent plant life and the comfort of the easily accessible Tabin Wildlife Resort, Tabin promises countless opportunities for a richly rewarding wildlife experience.

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