Nature of the rainforest: Costa Rica and beyond.

Nature of the rainforest: Costa Rica and beyond. Adrian Forsyth.

Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2008. Quarto, colour photographs, softcover.

Adrian Forsyth draws on four decades of personal encounters with the animals of the rainforests, including Poison-dart frogs, Three-toed sloths, Bushmasters, and Umbrellabirds, as a starting point to communicate key ecological topics such as biodiversity, coevolution, rarity, chemical defense, nutrient cycling, and camouflage.

The stunning colour photographs include the now extinct Golden toad mating, a Jaguar on the prowl, and the Hermit hummingbird feeding. The behaviours and characteristics of the rainforest inhabitants featured here not only illustrate the text but also advance the scientific narrative and exemplify the critical importance of conservation. Thematic chapters are interspersed with four chapters devoted to specific habitats and regions of Costa Rica and Peru, areas with some of the most diverse arrays of plant and animal species in the world. The result is an exuberant celebration of the rainforest in text and images.

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