Dust mites.

Dust mites. Matthew J. Colloff.

Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing, 2009. Octavo, laminated boards, black and white photographs, maps, other illustrations.

Conservatively, at least 100 million people are affected by house dust mite allergy worldwide, manifesting itself as asthma, rhinitis or atopic dermatitis. These minute arachnids, less than a third of a millimetre long, are present in almost every home, in our beds, clothing and carpets. The enzymes they produce in their guts in order to digest their food-fungi, bacteria and skin scales shed by humans are potent allergens, responsible for triggering asthma attacks and other allergic reactions. The purpose of this book is to provide a comprehensive reference work for all readers with an involvement or interest in house dust mite research and management, incorporating for the first time in a single volume the topics of systematics and identification, physiology, ecology, allergen biochemistry and molecular biology, epidemiology, mite control and allergen avoidance. It is hoped the book will help spread the message that studies of the biology and ecology of house dust mites should be regarded within the context of allergic disease rather than as ends in themselves, and that approaches to mite control in clinical management are subject to the same series of ecological rules as any other major problem in pest management. It explains key biological and ecological concepts for non-specialist readers. It includes chapters on ecological research methods and identification keys to dust mite species and life-cycle stage.

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