New Zealand's wilderness heritage.

New Zealand's wilderness heritage. Les Molloy.

Nelson: Craig Potton Publishing, 2007. Quarto, in slipcase, colour photographs.

New Zealand's wilderness heritage is destined to be one of the most significant conservation books published in New Zealand for many years. Written by Les Molloy, and photographed by Craig Potton with additional wildlife photography by Rod Morris, this book is a celebration of the extraordinary wilderness legacy that sits at the heart of New Zealand's sense of place. The book also offers a far-sighted vision of how best to conserve our unique flora and fauna. It is structured around a bio-regional approach, with thirteen chapters detailing the protected areas, major flora and fauna values, endangered species and conservation threats and responses for each region of New Zealand. This includes all the significant offshore islands, the sub-Antarctic islands, and the Ross Sea region of Antarctica. Seen in totality like this, New Zealand's wilderness seems all the more remarkable, with a diversity of habitat ranging from the teeming marine reserves around some of the offshore islands to the remote rainforests of Southwest New Zealand., The book is heavily illustrated with the photography of Craig Potton, gathered through extensive travel over twenty years, and is supplemented by wildlife photographs from one of New Zealand's pre-eminent photographers in this genre, Rod Morris.

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