Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume 13.

Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume 13.
Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume 13.

London: Zoological Society of London, 1895. Quarto, 62 handcoloured and uncoloured lithographic plates, some double page. Restored green half morocco, new endpapers, some plates spotted otherwise a very good copy.

The papers are:

1. Stebbing, Thomas R. R. On the Genus Urothoe and a new Genus Urothoides. pp. 1-30 plates 1-4.

2. Stebbing, Thomas R. R. and David Robertson. On four new British Amphipoda. pp. 31-42 plates 5-6.

3. Parker, W. K. On the morphology of a reptilian bird, Opisthocomus cristatus. pp. 43-86 plates 7-10.

4. Bell, Jeffrey. Contributions to our knowledge of the Antipatharian Corals. pp. 87-92 plates 11-12.

5. Boulenger, G. A. Catalogue of the reptiles and batrachians of Barbary (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia), based chiefly upon the notes and collections made in 1880-1884 by M. Fernand Lataste. pp. 93-164 plates 13-18.

6. Newton, E. T. On a skull of Trogontherium cuvieri from the forest bed of East Runton, near Cromer. pp. 165-176 plate 19.

7. Beddard, Frank E. Contributions to the anatomy of the Anthropoid Apes. pp. 177-218 plates 20-28 (one handcoloured).

8. Gregory, J. W. On the British Palaegene Bryozoa. pp. 219-280 plates 29-32.

9. Newton, Edward and Hans Gadow. On additional bones of the Dodo and other xxtinct birds of Mauritius obtained by Mr Theodore Sauzier. pp. 281-302 plates 32-37.

10. Bell, Jeffrey. Description of a remarkable new Sea-urchin of the Genus Cidaris from Mauritius. pp. 303-304 plate 38.

11. Boulenger, G. A. On remains of an extinct gigantic tortoise from Madagascar (Testudo grandidieri, Vaillaut). pp. 305-312 plates 39-41.

12. Gadow, Hans. On the remains of some gigantic land-tortoises, and of an extinct lizard,
recently discovered in Mauritius. pp. 313-324 plates 42-44.

13. Hickson, Sydney J. A revision of the Genera of the Alcyonaria Stolonifera, with a description of one new Genus and several new species. pp. 325-348 plates 45-50.

14. Stebbing, Thomas R. B. Descriptions of nine new species of Amphipodous crustaceans from the tropical Atlantic. pp. 349-372 plates 51-55.

15. Parker, T. Jeffrey. On the cranial osteology, classification, and phyloyeny of the Dinornithidue. pp. 373-431 plates 56-62.

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