Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume twelve.

Stock ID 27576 Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume twelve.
Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume twelve.
Transactions of the Zoological Society of London, volume twelve.

London: Zoological Society of London, 1890. Quarto, 65 handcoloured and uncoloured lithographic plates, some double page. Contemporary green half morocco, marbled endpapers, a few spots.

In 1826 the Zoological society of London was formed with the specific intention of establishing a menagerie, museum and library. In 1830 the first octavo sized volume of the Proceedings of the Zoological society of London was published, a journal that continues to the present day with the title of journal of Zoology. In 1835 the first volume of the quarto sized Transactions of the Zoological society of London was published and this journal was the premier natural history journal of its day. The finest Victorian zoologists contributed important articles and the handcoloured illustrations were of the highest standard. The following volumes of the Transactions are available, some of them scarce with important papers. For a full listing of the papers and plates contained within each volume please go to our website.

The papers are:

1. Owen, Richard. On Dinornis (part 25): containing a Description of the Ssternum of Dinornis
elephantopus. pp. 1-4 plate 1.

2. Parker, Jeffrey. Studies in New Zealand Ichthyology [part one]. On the skeleton of Regalecus argenteus. pp. 5-34 plates 2-6.

3. Boulenger, G. A. On the Reptiles and Batrachians of the Solomon Islands. pp. 35-62 plates 7-13 (one chromolithograph).

4. Beddard, Frank E. On the anatomy and systematic position of a gigantic earthworm (Microchoeta
rappi) from the Cape Colony. pp. 63-76 plates 14-15 (two chromolithographs).

5. Norman, A. M. On the Crustacea Isopoda of the 'Lightning,' 'Porcupine,' and I Valorous' Expeditions. pp. 77-142 plates 16-27.

6. Newton, E. T. On the remains of a gigantic species of bird (Garstornis klaasseni, n. sp.) from the Lower Eocene beds near Croydon. pp. 143-160 plates 28-29.

7. Haast, Julius von. On Megalapteryx hectori, a new gigantic species of Apterygian bird. pp. 161-170 plate 30.

8. Haast, Julius von. On Dinornis oweni, a new species of the Dinornithidae, with some remarks on D. curtus. pp. 171-182 plates 31-32.

9. Beddard, Frank E. and Frederick Treves. On the anatomy of the Sondaic Rhinoceros. pp. 183-198 plates 33-37.

10. Stebbing, Thomas R. R. On some new Exotic Amphipoda from Singapore and New Zealand. pp. 199-210 plates 38-39

11. Brady, Henry B., Parker, W. Kitchen abd T. Rupert Jones. On some Foraminifera from the Abrohlos Bank. pp. 211-240 plates 40-47.

12. Scott, John H. and T. Jeffrey Parker. On a specimen of Ziphius recently obtained near Dunedin. pp. 241-248 plates 48-50 (two chromolitghographs).

13. Kirby, W. F. A revison of the Subfamily Libellulinae, with descriptions of new genera and species. pp. 249-348 plates 51-57.

14. Dendy, Arthur. Observations on the West Indian Chalinine sponges, with descriptions of new species. pp. 349-368 plates 58-63.

15. Beddard, Frank E. On the Structure of Hooker's Sea-Lion (Arctocephalus hookeri). pp. 369-380 plates 64-65 (one handcoloured).

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