Feathered dinosaurs: the origins of birds.

Feathered dinosaurs: the origins of birds. John Long, Peter Schouten.
Feathered dinosaurs: the origins of birds.

Collingwood: CSIRO Publishing, 2008. Quarto, dustwrapper, colour illustrations by Peter Schouten. 9780199361410

New fossil evidence has recently shown that not all the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago. It's a revelation that has profoundly changed the way we perceive the natural world and has given us a new understanding about the origins of birds. We now believe that all living birds are descendants of certain predatory dinosaurs, the theropods. Indeed, many theropods are preserved with feathers as part of their skin. The transition from small, feathered dinosaur to primitive flying bird is now accepted as an anatomically seamless evolutionary event.

This book dramatically brings to life all the known groups of dinosaurs that bore feathers. Through the eyes of one of the world's most acclaimed natural history artists, Peter Schouten, their peculiar physical traits are matched with living creatures to develop a series of imaginative life paintings of this fascinating extinct group. The text explains each of the steps in going from dinosaur to bird, and how flight evolved.

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