Vanishing giants: elephants in Asia.

Stock ID 27107 Vanishing giants: elephants in Asia. Palani Mohan.

Singapore: Editions Didier Millet, 2007. Oblong format, dustwrapper, black and white photographs.

A photographic book which looks at the Asian elephant, their struggle to find a place in a rapidly urbanizing world, and the lives of the people who exist alongside them. At a time when its close relative, the African elephant, is flourishing, the Asian elephant is imperilled as never before. The demands of industry and agriculture, populations that are growing exponentially, illegal logging and other environmental degradations: all conspire against this magnificent animal. Asia's wild elephant population now hovers at somewhere below 40,000 in the 13 countries of South and Southeast Asia, which make up their habitat.

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Stock ID: 27107

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