The shell: a world of decoration and ornament.

The shell: a world of decoration and ornament. Ingrid Thomas.

London: Thames and Hudson, 2007. Quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

This is a comprehensive and beautifully illustrated book on the fascinating world of the shell. The beauty of shells has captivated humans since the earliest times. These gifts of nature have been put to an array of uses including currency, tools, medicines, and music. But above all, the beauty of shells has fired the imagination of artists and craftsmen through the ages. The author is a conchologist with a passion for shells and their influence on humankind throughout history. She is also a working artist, and has had several exhibitions of her shell artwork. Following the introduction there are chapters on the various human uses of shells - carved shells, shell jewellery, shells in art, ornamental shell work, shells in architecture, shells in the decorative arts. The last chapter "Discovering the world of shells" includes sections on shell classification, conchology, shell collecting and conservation.

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