The Southern Science Record.

The Southern Science Record.
The Southern Science Record.
The Southern Science Record.
The Southern Science Record.

Melbourne: J. Wing, 1880-1886. Octavo, 39 (of 43) parts in the publisher's printed wrappers, boxed.

A very important journal with much insight into early colonial scientific life. Contributors include Ferdinand von Mueller, Charles French and A. J. Campbell. This rare journal was the forerunner to The Victorian Naturalist: the journal and magazine of the Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria and was absorbed by that journal. This excellent run lacks volume three part eight and the final three issues. The later volumes are rare.

The Southern Science Record is complete as follows:

Volume one (13 parts): Numbers one to 13. December 1880 to December 1881.
Volume two (twelve parts): Numbers one to twelve. January 1882 to December 1882.

The wrappers for first two volumes vary in coloured paper stock but they are all printed with the diagonal title 'The Southern Science Record'

Volume three (twelve parts): Numbers one to twelve. January 1883 to December 1883.

The wrappers for volume three vary in coloured paper stock and the title appears as a heading with the contents listed below. The title is now given as 'The Southern Science Record and magazine of natural history'

Volume [four] (five parts): New Series, volume one; numbers one to five. January, February, March, April, May 1885.
Volume [five] (one part): New Series, volume two; number one. January, May 1886.

The collation was changed for the final six numbers and is now described as 'New Series'. The printed wrappers have the title incorporated within an elaborate classical design.

For an excellent account of this rare journal see Hindwood, K. A. Leith's Parrots 1883, Campbell's Nests and Eggs ("1883"), and the Southern Science Record. Australian Zoologist, volume 15, part three, 1970.

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