Wild Amazon: a photographer's incredible journey.

Wild Amazon: a photographer's incredible journey. Nick Gordon.
Wild Amazon: a photographer's incredible journey.

Rickmansworth: Evans Mitchell Books, 2007. Quarto, dustwrapper, colour photographs.

This book is a stunning book by British wildlife photographer and filmmaker, Nick Gordon. Nick has spent over 12 years of his life in Amazonia where he first went there to try and find, see and photograph that most elusive and highly dangerous cat, the Jaguar. In this book Nick shows fascinating pictures of his quest, the Jaguar, but also illustrates his book with superb pictures of Amazonia and it's natural life, from the amazing rain forest to wonderful plant life, to elusive cats, to primates (in Brazil, 77 species are known to science), to snakes, to brilliant birds, to water life (fresh water Dolphins), to the tribes and the way they live and to the threatened Amazon. The photographs Nick illustrates his book with are memorable for a multitude of reasons. Often only a very small percentage of available light above the canopy gets through to the ground where a good percentage of Nick's pictures are taken, then add to that the need to build 40 foot towers to photograph birds and primates in conditions that are unforgivable and the value of the images in this book will be fully appreciated.

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