Important bird areas in Nepal: key sites for conservation.

Important bird areas in Nepal: key sites for conservation. Hem Sagar, Carol Inskipp.

Kathmandu: Bird Conservation in Nepal, 2005. Quarto, paperback, colour photographs, maps.

This book provides an overview of diversity of bird life in different agro-ecological and climatic zones of Nepal. Current status, threat and consequences are identified and conservation needs are recommended. The book also highlights 27 critical biological sites for bird and biodiversity conservation in Nepal. Thirteen out of 27 critical sites are within the protected area system, meaning they are relatively safer, and the rest are spread in and around wetlands, woodlots, river valleys and watersheds. In addition, five potentially important areas have also been identified which provide conservationists additional opportunities for timely action to protect Nepal's avifaunal diversity.
This IBA inventory fills the gap on national biodiversity inventory and helps government fulfill its obligations towards the CBD. It is hoped that the book will provide guidance to decision makers and planners to geographically focus financial and human resources, and avoid negative impact in land-use and development planning.

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