Insects of stored grain: a pocket reference.

Stock ID 25859 Insects of stored grain: a pocket reference. David Rees.
Insects of stored grain: a pocket reference.

Collingwood: CSIRO, (2007. second edition). Duodecimo, spirally bound, colour photographs.

This handy pocket guide allows the non-specialist to identify major insect and arachnid pests found in stored cereal grains, grain products and grain legumes. It describes most storage pests found worldwide rather than concentrating on Australia and provides concise information on the biology, distribution, damage and economic importance of each species. Each entry contains a colour photograph and a drawing to scale. The notes for each species tell the nature of the pest or beneficial and the commodity affected; temperature and humidity conditions at which the species can survive; optimum conditions at which eggs take the shortest time to develop into adults; and maximum population growth rate per month. An appendix shows how to collect, preserve, pack and ship specimens for identification. This edition has twice as many species in it and more detail on distribution, host range and pest status than the previous edition. Short introductory sections on insect biology, principles of control and concepts of pest status evaluation have also been added. See also [stock id 20049].

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